How To Clean And Care For Your Home's Oak Plantation Shutters

If your home has oak plantation shutters installed on the interior of some of its windows, then you need to know how to safely clean and care for them. Since the flat surfaces of hardwood shutters are prone to collect dust, keeping them clean will help show off their beautiful natural wood grain and keep them looking new. To this end, here are the steps you can take to keep your oak plantation shutters clean and in good repair:

Step 1: Dust the Oak Shutters with a Tacky Cloth

While you may be tempted to wet a cleaning rag and wash off the shutters, it is much better to first remove as much dust and dirt from the shutters using a tacky cloth. If you use a moist cloth, then the dust will turn to mud and make your job harder. Instead, purchase a tacky cloth at your local hardware store and use that to rub each slat of the shutters. The dust will stick to the tacky cloth and not fall down on the slats below which will make your job a lot easier.

Step 2: Clean the Crevices with a Soft Toothbrush

Since plantation shutters have a lot of cracks and crevices, you will need to use a soft toothbrush to clean areas that you cannot reach with the tacky cloth. Keep the toothbrush dry so that you will not damage the surface of the shutters and create mud that will make cleaning more difficult. 

Step 3: Polish the Plantation Shutters with Wood Furniture Polish

Once the shutters have been completely dusted, then you should wipe each slat with a high-quality wood furniture polish. You should not use an inexpensive furniture polish from the grocery store, but rather use a quality polish that is made to be used on high-end wood furniture. Cheaper polishes tend to build up on the shutters and cause them to look dingy after a few uses. High-quality polishes are designed to nourish the wood and prevent buildup.

Step 4: Make Any Necessary Repairs

Finally, when you are cleaning your oak plantation shutters, you may discover slats that are loose or nails that are working their way out of the wood. If you find loose nails, you should hammer them back in using a small hammer. If you are worried about damaging the wood surface with your hammer, then you can place a washcloth over the area and hammer the nail through the cloth.

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