3 Ways To Protect Your Windows In Hurricane Country

If you recently had to relocate to hurricane country, you need to know how to protect your house from the strong winds that accompany hurricanes and storms in the region of the country where you now reside. One of the most vulnerable areas of your home during a storm are your windows; once your windows break, the rest of your home is open to the ravages of the storm. Here are three easy ways that you can protect your windows, your home, and yourself.

#1 Storm Shutters

One of the best ways to protect your windows and your home is by installing storm shutters. Storm shutters are designed to go on the outside of your house and are made to allow you to quickly cover up your windows when a storm warning or watch is issued in your area. Storm windows are the easiest way to cover up your windows when a storm is approaching; boarding up your windows requires a lot of supplies and enough advanced notice to get the job done. With storm windows, the tools to cover up your windows are already in place and are easy to implement.

Storm shutters are one of the best ways to protect your windows from any flying debris that may hit your home. You can have storm shutters installed that you can close and latch automatically, or that you have to manually go around and close. Either way, this is a quick and easy way to protect your windows from an approaching storm. If you have a multi-story home, make sure that you can close your storm windows from inside of your home or automatically; you don't want to be on a ladder when a storm is approaching your home.

#2 Window Film

Another way to protect your windows is by installing window film on the glass of your windows. Window film is transparent, so you can have it on your windows at all times.

Window film adds an extra layer of protection to your windows. If flying debris were to get past your storm shutters and break your windows, your window film will keep all of the glass in place and prevent the glass from flying into your home at high speeds and creating an even bigger mess. It will provide a second line of defense should your windows ever break in a storm.

#3 High-Impact Windows

Finally, if you really want to be safe, find out if your home is equipped with high-impact windows. If it is not, you should consider upgrading your windows. These types of windows are specifically designed to withstand projectiles hitting them at high speeds without breaking. They were made for areas like where you are living now. They can be a large investment, but they are worth it if you really want to protect your windows and your home during hurricane strength storms. 

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