How To Install Shower Door Kits

Glass shower door kits are a great way for DIYers to add some class to their bathroom. If you have a standard bathtub basin, you can find a wide range of aluminum-framed doors. The installation of these products is fairly simple if you have a few basic tools. The hardest part of the installation is installing the rails (especially the side rails). This article explains the process and the best way to ensure your side rails are level and secure.

Install the Bottom Track

First, you need to install the bottom track that sits on the bathtub basin. This piece will need to be cut to length using a simple hacksaw. The aluminum is easy to cut, so don't bother using a power saw. You will also want to measure the basin and mark a line where the track should be. Of course, you want it to be centered and level on the edge of the basin. The track will have predrilled holes where you should attach the screws (which should be included). Before you attach the screws, apply a thin bead of clear caulk to the bottom of the track.

Install the Side Rails

Installing the side rails requires the use of a cordless power drill and a level. You also want to ensure you have the right type of screws for your walls. Use masonry screws if you are drilling into tile walls. However, if you are drilling into drywall, you can use traditional wood screws. If your tracks are not going to hit a stud in the wall, you will also need to use anchors. Often, all of these supplies will be included in the kit. The bottom of the rails will snap right onto the bottom track. These pieces do not need to be cut. They are already the right length to match the height of the glass doors. Make sure the rail is level, then attach a screw at the top. Double check that the rail is level and then attach the rest of the screws.

Finishing the Installation

The rest of the installation is simple. You need to cut the top track to the right length. Once it is the right length, it is very easy to install because it snaps onto the side rails without any screws. Similarly, the glass doors can be hung from the top track without any tools. Then, you can attach the hardware and towel rack to the doors. Finally, you should seal the edges of the entire track with clear silicone caulk.

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