Take Your Home From Boring To Brilliant: How A James Hardie Siding Contractor Can Help

Simple single-family homes have so much potential. If you bought a little house that is somewhat boring in appearance, you can always change a dozen different things to spruce up its appearance. Taking your home from boring to brilliantly beautiful is as simple as hiring a contractor. Here is how a contractor can completely change the curb appeal and appearance of your home.


Square windows on your house are plain and even slightly boring. The contractor can install decorative windows that really add something special to your home. For example, leaded glass windows with that old-fashioned San Francisco design or Southern plantation look can really make a difference. Adding unique, custom shutters to your windows almost immediately takes them from drab to pretty. Colonial-style windows with their decorative lintels on top easily transform the plainest of windows into something a little more rich.


Let's face it--siding is not exactly fun, but you can change it and make your home a prettier color. Take the beiges, browns, taupes, and whites out of the picture and pick something that is more cheerful to you. A siding contractor can either paint your old siding with a new color or remove all of your current siding and replace it with something much more attractive.


All the pretty door windows in the world do not a pretty door make. Most of these doors come standard in white, which gets really dirty, really fast. Order and install a factory-colored door instead. Evergreen works on almost every house, although navy and crimson look nice too. Really want a stunning "wow" factor? Match your front door to all of the shutters you have on the house. It ties up the color scheme and design quite nicely.


Last but not least, contractors can build and install additions on your home that make a one- or one-and-a-half story home much more interesting. You can expand up, out or sideways, adding new rooms to the side or more height and width to the house overall. Even a four seasons room or sun porch adds a new dimension to your home. Then your once-drab little home becomes more visually interesting and people want to see what you have done with the place. New additions also add value to your home and your property, which also increase the value of your neighbors' properties, something everyone often finds quite agreeable. 

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