Don't Be In Denial About These Signs That Window Replacement Is Imminent

Some people do not realize that they are in need of replacement windows. This is because many people associate this home improvement need with damaged windows. Perhaps you have never considered that, although your window panes are intact, they might be a source of energy loss. Replacement windows could benefit you because you would likely see energy savings. This is why some people view their replacement windows as investments that eventually will "pay off." The following are a few signs that your windows are a potential source of energy loss. 


If your windows are several years old, they may have been installed at a time when energy costs were lower. This means that energy efficiency may not have been a primary concern back then. Perhaps aesthetics was the primary contributing factor. For example, you might have a large single-paned bay window on your property that could be a huge source of energy loss. This is likely due to the size of the window and thickness of the window panes.

Pane Thickness

You can take a quick tour of your property and observe the windows. Ensure you note any windows that are single-paned. This is because the more panes that are present, the more insulated you can count on the windows to be. Keep in mind that if you have missing glass, you should count that as a problematic area. For example, a quadruple-paned window that has three damaged panes is a likely source of energy loss even though there is one pane intact. 

Rattling and Cool Air

If you have heard the glass in your windows rattle when the wind blows, this is a sign that cold air is infiltrating into your home. A professional may be able to insulate the windows using a quick-fix method. For example, caulk can be used to secure the glass, and plastic can be used to further thwart cool air. This should only be considered as a temporary fix, and window replacement is a good idea for the near future. Caulking and covering the glass will not deliver the same level of energy conservation that you would experience by replacing the windows. 

A window installation company is a good resource to use to determine if replacement windows could curb your energy costs. They can also inspect doors to determine if they are also causing your home to lose energy. For example, some doors contain glass that is not energy efficient, and some doors may also have gaps that allow air to enter. 

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