Four Energy Efficiency Myths You May Think Are True

There are many aesthetic improvements that you might want to make to your house. However, it is also important to consider some of the more practical upgrades that you might want to consider making, and you may need to have some misleading ideas about these projects corrected.

Myth: Adding Insulation Is The Only Way To Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

While many people understand the benefits of insulation, they may assume that adding more insulation is the only way to boost the efficiency of a building. Yet the windows of a building can be among the larger sources of energy inefficiency. By replacing your current windows with energy efficient ones, you can help reduce this source of energy loss.

Myth: Energy Efficient Windows Make Your Home's Interior Dark

It is commonly assumed that energy efficient windows function by blocking out much of the sunlight. However, these windows will not directly impact the brightness of your home's interior. While they will block out the sun's ultraviolet light, this is a wavelength that is invisible to human eyes, which means it will have a negligible effect. You can improve the efficiency gains from these windows by installing a tint that reduces the amount of light entering the house, but this is an optional addition.

Myth: Energy Efficient Windows Are Unsightly When Compared To Traditional Windows

Concerns about the aesthetics of energy efficient windows may cause you to fail to consider this option. However, you should know that these windows are almost indistinguishable from traditional windows when viewed from both the interior and exterior. The only difference that may be noticed is that these windows are usually double-paned, but the frame will be identical to what would be used for standard windows.

Myth: The Glass In Energy Efficient Windows Is More Prone To Breaking

Replacing windows that have been damaged is always an inconvenient task. While individuals often assume energy efficient windows will be more susceptible to damage, these windows can actually be purchased in a range of strengths. For example, it is possible to opt for tempered energy efficient glass, which will be far more resistant to breaking or cracking than windows made of traditional glass. As a result, this may be the ideal option for those that live near golf courses due to the risk of stray balls breaking windows, and individuals that live in areas that regularly receive severe weather may want to choose this option for protection against hailstones and strong winds.

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