Replacement Windows Priced From Basic to Custom

Replacement windows vary as much as the hundreds of dog breeds that enjoy sticking their heads out of those same windows. When you find yourself in an emergency predicament over windows, you may need to choose a replacement window quickly. However, there is also the issue of cost. Here is a list of windows, from basic to custom, and the general prices charged for them, depending on who/which company or retailer you buy them from, so you can make a decision.

The Basic Window

The basic replacement window is often a single sash, single pane window. It comes in four or five of the most common sizes for windows and cannot be custom ordered. Because it takes very few materials and costs little to manufacture, the basic window retails for $99 to around $299. You can buy this window from a residential glass specialist and have him/her install it for an extra fee, or you can buy it from a hardware/home improvement store and install it yourself.

The Intermediate Window

An intermediate window is often a double-hung, double-sash, single or twin pane window. There is more glass and more class, as they say, to this window than the basic model. It is meant to be more energy efficient and durable too. An intermediate window retails from about $399 to around $599, give or take a hundred dollars. Some of the bigger home improvement retail stores may carry a few in the most common sizes, but do not frequently have them in stock or in less common sizes. You can buy them from a residential glass specialist and have them installed within a few short days.

The Custom Window

In one fell swoop, the most expensive and high quality windows meet customization. You do not necessarily need to customize these windows, but their design and materials almost commands it. Windows of enormous and petite size, decorative windows that take months to manufacture, even windows of a particularly unusual shape all fall under this category of window.  These windows are meant to be top-of-the-line, pure perfection in clarity, flawlessness and efficiency. Most of them come with a lifetime warranty against defects and craftsmanship. Some even come with a two-year, no questions asked, replacement plan should they break for any reason.

Of course, you will pay the price for these windows. Starting at around $700 and ending close to $3,000 per window based on height, width, shape and features, it is the kind of expense ticket item you only buy with an annual bonus from work or a very fat tax refund.  Installation is always included with purchase.

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