Troubleshooting A Sticking Glass Slider Door

Your glass sliding door should open smoothly and with minimal effort. If you have to struggle to open it, or if it seems to get stuck, then there is something wrong. Fortunately, most issues that make a door hard to open are relatively easy to fix. The following guide can help you narrow in on the root of the problem so you can implement the right solution.

Roller adjustment

Often, the solution is as simple as adjusting the rollers that sit in the track. The bottom rollers are usually the culprit. First, study the bottom rail to find the small screw heads on the side. You may need to pop off a smooth cap to see them. Then, turn the screws no more than a quarter turn to the left. Check the door to see if it is moving more smoothly. If it's harder to move, try turning the other way. Still a little stiff, but better? Then turn another quarter turn to the left.

Dirty track

Dirt in the track ends up around the rollers, which then leads to a hard-to-move glass door. You can try to clean around the rollers by vacuuming out the track and then wiping it down. This can help the door move more smoothly, but it won't remove any grime on the rollers themselves. You must remove the door to clean the rollers and the bottom of the rails. Removing a door is a bit more challenging – some doors can be lifted and tilted out, while others require removal of part of the frame.

Damaged roller

A broken roller won't move, and it will sometimes turn sideways or otherwise get jammed. A door with a damaged roller can be very hard to remove, as you will be able to feel the drag. To fix this, the door must be removed, and then you will need to remove the old roller. Replace it with a new roller of the same size.

Track damage

Occasionally the problem is with the track itself. When the track becomes bent, it will naturally be difficult to pull the door open. If you can open the door past the bent section, you may be able to straighten it out by pulling on it with pliers. Otherwise, you can try to remove the track and straighten it. Worse case scenario is that the damaged section of track will need to be replaced.

Talk to a sliding glass door repair contractor, such as Cheaper Window Glass INC, for more help.

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