Keeping Your Heat Or Air Conditioning In Your Home With Window Enhancements

If you are concerned about how much you spend on your heating or air conditioning to keep your home comfortable, you may want to take a look at your windows as a way of containing necessary heat or cool air. Glass panes allow air to escape a home, often leading to the increase of costs spent on energy as a result. Here are some ways you can keep your home's energy costs down by altering the way your windows seal outside air from getting inside of the home or vice versa.

Fill In Gaps Around Window Frames

Check each window in your home to see drafts are present. This can be done by holding a lit stick of incense near the window. Slowly move it around the perimeter, checking to see if the smoke emitting from the stick starts to waver. When wavering is noticed, a gap is present that will need to be repaired. Treat gaps by filling them in with window caulk or weather-stripping pieces. Expandable foam can also be used to block air from getting in or out of the home.

Purchase An Efficient Model To Replace Old Panes

A home that has older windows will be more susceptible to raised energy costs. Single panes of glass do not work well at retaining your desired air temperature. Make a call to a window installation service to discuss options in window models that would be suited well for your specific needs. An energy efficient model can be used to replace each window in your home. The cost in taking this option will be reversed over time as you see your energy prices plummet. You will also have the benefit in having a home that appears pleasing from both the outside and inside. The value of your home will also increase, and your taxes may decrease as well.

Invest In Window Coverings To Help Reduce Cost

Covering your windows during cold weather will help in keeping warm air inside of your home. Thick, insulated curtains or draperies can be hung and closed during times the temperature is expected to plummet. These will also be beneficial in the summer time to help keep air conditioning from escaping through window panes. At times when the sun is abundant outdoors, closing your curtains or draperies will reduce the temperature in the home, helping to keep your air conditioning from coming on as often or running for as long a duration.

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