Auto Care 101: 4 Tips For Caring For A Chipped Windshield

A small chip in your windshield can quickly turn into a large problem. Without proper care, that small chip might become a large crack. Luckily, with proper care, you can maintain the small chip so that it doesn't spread. This will buy you time to get to a windshield repair professional like those at Mr. Go-Glass.

So how should you care for a chipped windshield? Here are three tips:

1. Utilize Tape

It might sound odd, but clear tape is a great trick for maintaining the size of the chip. The tape not only helps to hold the glass together, it also helps to keep the chip safe. Tape will keep dirt and debris from entering the chip. It will also help to keep out moisture. Although simple, this is a great trick for keeping your chip from becoming a large problem. Just ensure that you use a heavy-duty tape, as plain envelope or gift tape is not strong enough.

2. Keep Your Vehicle Indoors

Another helpful tip is to keep your vehicle indoors when you are not driving it. By parking your vehicle indoors, you'll keep it safer from temperature extremes. Again, while this tip is simple, it is very effective. Since extreme temperatures weaken glass, especially if it is chipped, you'll reduce the likelihood of the chip expanding if it is stored indoors.

If you cannot park your vehicle indoors, consider keeping it out of the sun. Additionally, use a tarp or vehicle covering to keep the vehicle safe during the winter or rainy months. As you do not want any water or fluid to enter the chip, as that can easily cause it to expand.

3. Be Gentle

Finally, handle your vehicle with care. Drive safely and avoid potholes or large bumps in the road. Additionally, ensure that you stay on paved roadways. Driving carefully will reduce the likelihood of the chip becoming a large problem. In addition, be gentle with your vehicle and do not slam your doors. Any large bump or jostle can easily cause the chip to expand or enlarge, so be gentle and careful until you get it fixed.

While it is important that you get a chipped windshield fixed quickly, it's not always possible. If you cannot get your windshield fixed immediately after it chips, utilize these tips to ensure that your small problem doesn't turn into a large and expensive one. If your chip does begin to expand, take your vehicle to windshield repair professional immediately. If you don't get it fixed quickly, you might need to replace your entire windshield – and that can be quite expensive.

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