Tips for Choosing Complementary Blinds

Blinds are such useful window treatments. They are relatively easy to install, and they are the best at controlling light. You can have the blinds down with the louvers closed for darkness or open the louvers to allow various amounts of light in. For total sunlight, you pull the blinds up. What's more, you can layer blinds with other window treatments or let them stand alone. Choose blinds that best complement your home's décor.

Choose a Material

One of the biggest choices you have when it comes to blinds is the material. Common materials include aluminum, vinyl, wood and faux wood. Aluminum are the most economical, while wood tends to be more expensive. Aluminum, vinyl and faux wood are relatively easy to maintain. They are also very durable. Your choice in material may be driven by functionality. For instance, wood can't be used in the bathroom or kitchen because of moisture.

Besides budget and maintenance, appearance is the other big consideration. Wood looks upscale, so many homeowners prefer this material, or at least faux wood. Indeed, as Better Homes and Gardens points out, modern options in faux wood replicate the look of the original.

Select a Color or Stain

The color of your blinds helps influence the overall appearance of your room décor. If you're going to be layering the treatments, opt for a neutral color. White and shades of beige work well, as does natural staining for wood or wood-look blinds. You can also opt for an organic material, such as bamboo or matchstick. This style of blinds also looks attractive hung alone in a more casual ambience. If the blinds will stand alone, consider a color or stain that complements the rest of the décor. For instance, utilize dark-stained blinds to complement masculine décor in a study or man's room.

Settle on Direction

The most common direction for blinds is horizontal. However, you can also opt for vertical blinds. These often feature wider louvers, so the light control might not be as precise. However, vertical blinds offer a sleeker, more modern profile. They also work well for sliding glass doors. You can choose this direction in any of the materials or colors.

Consider Plantation Blinds

If you're looking for a particularly tailored look in your rooms, consider plantation blinds. These are sturdier wooden blinds with horizontal slats. They affix directly to the wooden frame, making them a more permanent option. Also called plantation shutters, these blinds come in an accordion option that allows you to open them completely. You can also have them outfitted with a remote controlled opener for ease of movement. Plantation blinds add value to your home because of their permanence.

Consider material, color, direction and permanence when selecting blinds for your windows. To learn more about your options, contact companies like Ardy's Gallery of Window Coverings.

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