How To Avoid Mistakes When Installing A New Door

If you are installing a door for the first time, you might find it somewhat intimidating. Doors can be somewhat heavy and if you do not install the door properly, it may not open or close properly and may not provide your home with enough security. However, when you know the tricks of the trade, you can install your door properly.

Consider Replacing Just the Trim

If you simply want to update the look of your door, consider replacing the trim before considering replacing the entire door, which is more expensive. Changing the trim will significantly alter the appearance of your door. 

Make Shimming Easier

To make shimming easier, mark where the hinges are located so that you will know exactly where you should place your shims. Place the shims at the top and bottom locations using a long level. Then, add the center door shim.

Remove the Trim to Get the Rough Opening

Before measuring the rough opening, make sure to remove the trim so you can get accurate measurements of the rough opening. Compare these measurements to the measurements of your new door to make sure it will fit before purchasing it. 

Don't Forget the Rug

Not only should you worry about the door being level with the floor, but it must also be able to clear the rug. It's easy to forget the rug and find yourself with a door that often gets stuck on the rug. 

Make Sure the Door is Level

The bottom of each door jamb must be at the right height. If the door isn't level, you might need to cut off a little of one of the jambs.  Use a level to determine if the door jamb is correct. 

Measure the Exterior

Make sure to measure the area around the exterior of the door to make sure that the door will have plenty of clearance and does not become caught on anything. For example, you might discover that a tree branch gets in the way of the door. You'd then have to remove the tree branch or make a modification to the door so it does not collide with the branch. 

The easiest way to replace a door is to hire a professional who is able to perform the door replacement themselves. That way, you can make sure that your door is hung in a manner that will make it energy efficient and highly secure. Contact a company like Davis Window and Door for more information.

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