Colors of Tinting for Residential Windows, and the Effects They Have on Your View

You probably already know about the benefits of tinting your windows, but how much do you know about tint colors? Do you know that each window tint color does something a little different? The tints also change how you view the world through your windows. Here is how you might see things if you decide to tint the windows in your home. 

Smoke Tint

Smoke tint reduces light glare. That is great if you have windows that spend half the day in the midst of full sun on the house. However, smoke tint tends to make the world outside look a lot grayer and more dismal than it is, and in the midst of winter, that can be especially dreary. The more smoke tint added to the glass to reduce glare, the more grayish everything looks outside. 

Green Tint

Green tint generally reduces UVA/UVB sun damage. You can clearly see the greenish tint of the glass when you look up close in the corners of each pane. Everything outside adopts a slightly olive hue, but most of your views will be quite clear and not as dismal as they might be with the smoke tint. 

Blue Tint

Typically, blue tint added to glass helps deflect extra heat. If your home is somewhere where it is particularly hot all day, you may want to divert the outside heat away from your windows by using this tint, which keeps things cooler because it does not absorb the heat. It does not absorb your heat indoors either, which means that the heat inside stays put when you are trying to keep warm indoors in cooler climes or colder months. 

Rose Tint

Ever hear of "rose-colored glasses"? That is what this window tint may remind you of, but generally its purpose is to provide softer natural light to the interior of your home. Everything has a rosier glow to it, and looking out the window, everything is ever so slightly pink. It seems to have the added benefit of making people feel cheerier, although that could be something entirely unrelated, or more psychologically based. 

Tinting Windows You Already Have

This is a little trickier than tinting windows prior to installation. However, it can be done with an application of the tint preferred. It just requires removing your windows, laying them horizontally, and coating the visible glass. The tints have to dry, and then the windows are reinstalled. 

Call a window tinting service for more information.

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