Planning Your Home Renovations With New Wood Windows

If you are planning on doing major renovations to your home, you are going to want to consider improvements like new windows. Even with all the modern materials, traditional wood windows are still the best option. This is because these windows are durable and easy to maintain.

Before you have the new wood windows installed in your home, there are a lot of things to consider. You want to know what type of window styles, how to prepare openings, and how to care for your wood windows after they are installed. The following information will help you when planning on installing wood windows in your home:

  • Different Styles of Wood Windows—There are many different types of wood windows available to have installed in your home. Some of the options that you will want to consider for wood window styles include:
    • Casement
    • Double-hung
    • Sliding
    • Fixed glass or picture windows

These are some of the options when you are planning to invest in wood windows.

  • Choosing the Glass for Wood Windows—The glass that you have installed in windows is another important aspect. Today, you have options like low-E glass, which can be an affordable alternative to double-pane windows. Double-pane windows also offer their own benefits, such as improved energy efficiency or options for finishes. 
  • Repairs and Updates to Window Openings—The openings in your home may also need a few repairs before the new windows can be installed. First, inspect the openings for damage and repair it before installing the new windows. To update the windows, adjust window sizes for the new units, and make sure to add insulation. New insulation can be installed between wood framing and the wood casing to stop air leaks.
  • Custom Trim and Window Woodwork Details—There are also a lot of custom trim details that you will want to consider. You will want to choose the molding and casing trim for the exterior of the windows. The interior of wood windows can also be finished with a window seal and have custom wood trim added to them after the installation.
  • Routine Maintenance to Ensure Wood Windows Last—The windows you have installed in your home are also going to need regular maintenance. The main maintenance that needs to be done is keeping them clean and inspecting them for problems. You will also want to paint and caulk the exterior of the windows every few years to protect them from damage and wear.

With the right planning and knowledge, new wood windows can be a great investment for your home renovations. When you get ready to install new windows, contact a wood window service and talk to them about these options for your home. 

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