Should You Repair Or Replace Wood Windows?

If you have older wooden windows, you may be debating whether it is time to repair them or simply invest in all new window replacements. The following can help you make the best decision.

What Is the Condition of the Wood?

One of the biggest determining factors when it comes to the repair or replace question is the condition of the wood window frames. Rot problems mean that there is no option but to replace them. Soft wood, cracking, and crumbling are all signs that rot is compromising the window. The paint will also bubble up and peel on moisture-damaged wood.

Wood may also shrink over time, which results in air gaps around the frame. If these gaps are small and infrequent, you can repair them with spray insulation. This can be unsightly if there are a lot of gaps, though.

Has Maintenance Been a Challenge?

Unlike materials like metal and vinyl, wood windows need ongoing maintenance. Every few years any loose paint must be scraped and sanded away and a fresh coat of paint must be applied. Otherwise moisture damage and rot will occur.

You may also need to touch up and repair frames between the usual painting intervals if damage occurs, as bare wood can't be left uncovered for long. 

How Well Does the Sash Function?

Wood is more prone to swelling, especially if it absorbs moisture due to paint issues. Swelling can make the window difficult to operate, so stuck windows are more common with wood windows. Sometimes you can fix the problem by drying out the wood and repainting it. 

Even once dried out and repainted, the wood may remain warped. If the windows tend to stick or have become permanently difficult to open and close, then it is time to consider replacement rather than repair. 

Are There Concerns With the Insulation Quality?

Older wood windows may not be as well insulated as newer vinyl or aluminum windows. Many older wood windows are single pane, which provides little to no insulation. The frames may insulate well, but this means nothing if the glass transfers temperatures too easily.

Even double-paned wood windows can lose their insulative quality over time. If the wood has shrunk or warped in the past, then the seal between panes is likely broken. Broken seals means that the insulating gas between window panes has escaped and the windows won't perform as well. 

Contact a company that offers window replacement services in your area for more assistance.

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