5 Key Advantages Of Installing A Large Bay Or Bow Window

Large bow and bay windows can really serve as the focal point of your room. After all, if an entire wall or most of one wall of your room is taken up by the window arrangement, people will not be able to help but look at it. But looks are not the only reason to consider adding a large bay or bow window to your space. Here are some other advantages associated with this window style.

Tons of Natural Light

There's no window style that lets in more light than a bay or bow window. The fact that the windows stretch from floor to ceiling, alone, means that they let plenty of light in. Plus, each of the windows is situated at a slightly different angle. This means the windows can let in sun throughout more hours of the day than a standard hung or casement window can.

More Space

When you have a bay or bow window installed, your floor generally has to be extended to accommodate the window arrangements. So, along with new windows, you are getting more floor space. This floor space will be really bathed in natural light, so it can be a good place to put a couch, a reading nook, or even a simple table and chairs.

Panoramic Views

If you have a nice view to one side of your home, putting a bay or bow window on that side of your home will allow you to really enjoy that view. And you won't just be able to see the outdoor features straight-on. Because the windows themselves are situated at varying angles, you can enjoy a view of the landscape from varying angles, too.

Magnificent Window Treatment

With a bay or bow window, you also have a chance to decorate with pretty magnificent window treatments. A whole arch of four or five drapes, situated side-by-side, can look really incredible. Even fancy blinds, made specifically for bay windows, can also look lovely.

Warmth in the Morning

As long as you choose nice, efficient windows for your bay or bow window arrangement, the space in front of the room can feel warm and cozy in the winter because of the warm sunshine that streams in through the windows.

Large bay or bow windows can look wonderful in a home. Consider the advantages above, and talk to your local window installer to learn more about these options. 

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