Upgrading Your Home With A New Skylight

A skylight can be a wonderful addition to your home. However, it is common for individuals to be unaware of what they should realistically expect when making this type of upgrade to a house. In particular, the following are some common skylight lighting assumptions to avoid making.

Assumption: You Will Have No Control Over The Amount Of Light Entering Through The Skylight

A common belief that some people have about skylight lighting is that it will be impossible for them to adjust the amount of light that enters through this window. While this can be an easy assumption to make, there are accessories that can allow you to block the light when you are wanting the interior to be darker. One of the more convenient solutions to this need will be the installation of automatic blinds that you can easily close with a remote, control panel, or smartphone app. This will enable you to enjoy all of the benefits that a skylight is able to provide while still being able to control the amount of light that enters the home.

Assumption: Skylights Will Be Extremely Prone To Leaking Water Into The Home

Fears about the skylight leaking can be another concern that a person will have when they are looking at their options for a new skylight. While it is somewhat possible that the skylight will develop a leak, this risk is minimal. These windows will be designed with gaskets and weatherstripping that can help to prevent water from seeping through the spaces around the skylight. Additionally, exterior flashing may be installed to further reduce the risk of a leak being able to develop.

Assumption: Skylights Will Make Your Home's Interior Hot During The Summer

While a homeowner may want to allow more natural light into their homes, they will likely want to avoid this at the expense of making the interior significantly hotter during the summer months. When you are evaluating potential skylights to buy for your home, they will have an energy efficiency rating that can be consulted. This will allow you to choose the skylight that will provide ample light while minimizing the unwanted heat that could enter through it. In fact, some of these skylights may even utilize double panes with an insulating gas between them. This design can substantially reduce the ability of heat to pass through the skylight. While a more energy-efficient skylight can substantially improve the performance that you get from this upgrade, it will not require you to pay significantly more for this feature.

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