Learn About Motorized Shades And How Great They Are

Motorized shades do in fact work with the use of a motor, just as their name implies. If you're like many other people, then you've had a time or two of getting tangled in cords while simply trying to put your shades up or down. This is often enough to elevate someone's interest in motorized shades. However, they offer a lot of additional advantages that go beyond simply keeping you out of a frustrating mess. Here is more information about motorized shades you should know.

Motorized shades can create a safer home 

One of the big reasons for wanting to get rid of those window shade cords is to create a safer home environment for small children and pets. Those dangling cords can really grab the attention of children and pets. The big problem with this is the cords are also very dangerous. They can quickly become tangled around someone and this can lead to horrible accidents. The motorized shades mean no more cords to worry about. 

Motorized shades are very convenient

Motorized shades are powered by a motor that can be controlled in a few different ways. With many models, you can put the shades up or down by pressing a physical button. This is a good feature to have, so you can still control the shades if the power happens to go out. These shades can also work with a very convenient remote control, so you can control them from your favorite chair, or even while you are lying comfortably in bed. Many of them can also be programmed with a timer and/or be connected to the home's smart system, so they can be raised or lowered even while you are away from home. 

Motorized shades have more movement than just up and down

Just because you have motorized shades doesn't mean you are limited to just having them go up and down. They can also come with an option that allows you to tilt them. This makes it so that you can let in just the right amount of lighting that comes in at an angle that doesn't cause a glare on the TV screen or bother your eyes. 

Motorized shades are great for difficult windows

Some windows can be so difficult to find shades for. In fact, in some cases, the windows can be so difficult most people just leave them without shades. A good example of this type of window would be skylights. However, motorized shades can be installed on these windows as well.

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