Impact-Resistant Windows Are Attractive And Protect Your Home From Storms And Other Threats

Impact-resistant windows are a good choice when it's time to get replacement windows. You want to think about your choice of new windows carefully since windows last a long time, and you want them to perform well. Impact-resistant windows will improve the security of your home, whether you need protection from vandals or storms. Here's how they're made and how they work.

Impact Windows Are Tough Due To A Membrane

Impact windows are made from double-pane glass that has a tough film between them. The film is bonded to each of the panes so the glass doesn't come loose from the film even if the glass is broken. The membrane is difficult to puncture or tear, so it stays in place in the frame and holds the shattered glass in the frame with it.

Impact-resistant windows can be damaged, but only the glass is damaged, so the glass and film stay in place to keep out wind and intruders. The goal of these windows is not to have indestructible glass, but to keep the wind from blowing through your house during a bad storm and causing destruction, or keeping an intruder from busting through the window.

They Look Like Any Other Window

Impact-resistant windows look like any other replacement windows, so they're perfect for all the windows in your home. While they provide home security, their construction also helps muffle sound, stop air leaks, reduce heat loss and improve your home's energy efficiency.

You may want all of your windows to have impact-resistant glass if you live where hurricanes and bad storms are frequent, or you may just want your vulnerable windows to resist impacts if your main concern is keeping out intruders.

The Windows Are Rated For Design And Performance

Impact-resistant windows are rated on how well they're designed and how well they perform. The design rating compares how well the windows resist pressure, water infiltration and wind infiltration. The performance rating looks at the maximum sustained winds the windows can stand up against.

Also, you'll want to know the thickness of the film used on impact windows. The thickness of the glass and film combined is important. Some windows can withstand the strongest category of hurricane winds. The glass might chip, but the glass shouldn't break. Impact-resistant windows are tested in a lab for impacts of various strengths, and you can see the results on the window label when you shop for your new windows.

You have a few options when choosing your new impact-resistant windows when it comes to appearance and ratings. This allows you to choose the best windows for your budget, climate and security threat. 

For more info about impact-resistant windows, contact a local company. 

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