Motorized Window Covering Panels Add Beauty To Your Home And Are Convenient To Operate

If you're looking for blinds to cover a picture window or patio doors, consider motorized window covering panels. These are similar to vertical blinds except the panels are much wider than the narrow panels on blinds. Here's more about window panels you may want to know.

The Panels Come In Many Colors

The panels come in many colors and textures just like traditional blinds, so you can find something attractive that complements the decor of your home. You can choose dark, light, or pastel colors. You can even find motorized window covering panels made from natural materials like woven wood. You may also find matching traditional blinds made from the same material so the smaller windows in your room will match the motorized panels.

They Can Filter Or Block Light

Motorized window covering panels are ideal for blocking light if you want to make a room dark for sleeping during the day. The panels fold on each other as they open, so you can open the panels partially for a little light, or open them all the way for full natural lighting for your home. Some of the panels are made with light-filtering material so they allow some natural light into the room even when the panels are closed. The motorized panels can be hung from a track on the wall or ceiling, so they can cover the entire window easily for blackout mode. The ones that hang from the ceiling can even double as a partition to make a private space in a large room.

They Can Be Opened With A Remote

Motorized window covering panels can be slid across a track by hand or operated by a remote. Depending on the brand you buy, you might be able to operate the window coverings with your phone, tablet, or smart system. You can sometimes choose the side you want to open, and one remote can operate multiple blinds. Having the panels motorized makes it easy to open and close them from a distance, and you might even want to use your app to close them when you're away from home. If you set the timer for them to open, you can be awakened gently by the morning sun when the panels open automatically.

If you're considering motorized window covering panels for your patio doors or to create a room partition, look into all the available selections so you can choose the perfect color and material for your home. You may even want professional help with measuring the blinds and installing them so they have a perfect fit. 

For more information about motorized window covering panels, contact a local company. 

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